Exploring the realm of AI yearbook apps reveals a fascinating intersection of technology and nostalgia, where users can recreate their images in the style of various decades, particularly the ’90s. This post delves into several popular AI yearbook apps, highlighting their unique features, pros, cons, and how they cater to the rising trend of digital nostalgia.


Vidnoz offers a free and user-friendly platform where you can engage in creative face swapping with photos and videos, choosing from a wide range of categories including celebrities and historical figures. Its intuitive design promotes experimentation with AI and face recognition technology, though it raises concerns about privacy and the potential for misuse.


Pixble specializes in creating nostalgic, ’90s-inspired yearbook photos with AI-generated templates. It provides a fun way to envision oneself in various ’90s styles but requires high-quality photos for optimal results. The app balances ease of use with creative output, though it faces criticism for potential privacy issues related to photo usage.

Pica AI

Pica AI is a web-based tool that emphasizes easy, fun, and creative face swapping, offering a gateway to explore different looks and styles across various eras. While it is free and accessible, it does confront ethical, legal, and quality issues, highlighting the importance of responsible use.


Fotor facilitates quick and easy face swapping, allowing users to experiment with different faces and styles. It is recognized for its simplicity and creativity but is also subject to concerns about photo quality and ethical considerations.

NightCafe Creator

NightCafe Creator stands out with its ability to generate personalized yearbook photos using a pre-trained GAN model. This app lets users experiment with styles and themes from the ’90s and 2000s, though it does require the purchase of credits for multiple photos and raises ethical questions regarding originality.

Photo Lab AI Yearbook

Photo Lab AI Yearbook combines AI technology with a suite of editing tools, offering a broad spectrum of effects and filters for creating both vintage and modern yearbook photos. The app is praised for its user-friendly interface and diverse customization options but does include in-app purchases for premium features.


Photoleap invites users to travel back to the ’90s with its AI yearbook maker, offering a range of filters to embody various high school stereotypes. It promotes an easy-to-use platform for transforming selfies into retro-themed yearbook images and encourages social sharing of these creations.

The resurgence of ’90s nostalgia, fueled by apps like Epik, has made AI yearbook photos a viral trend on social media. These apps allow users to reimagine themselves as quintessential ’90s high school characters, complete with era-specific hairstyles, clothing, and poses.

In summary, these AI yearbook apps offer a blend of fun, creativity, and nostalgia, each with its strengths and limitations. Whether looking for a detailed recreation of ’90s yearbook photos or simply aiming to explore different looks through AI, there’s an app to suit every preference. However, users should be mindful of privacy concerns and the ethical implications of face swapping technology.

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