AI Generated Character

The world of AI character creation is vast and dynamic, offering various tools each with its unique features and capabilities. Here, we compare some of the best AI character creation websites based on their key features, usability, and creative possibilities.


Picsart stands out with its versatile art styles and user-friendly mobile app. It’s ideal for creating diverse AI avatars, not limited to individual headshots but also for couples and animals. The platform offers a full suite of editing tools and encourages community engagement, making it perfect for both personal and professional use. However, its extensive features might be overwhelming for beginners, and performance may lag on less powerful devices. Picsart starts at $7 per month.

Character AI and Perchance AI

Character AI, priced at $9.99/month, leverages neural language models for dynamic interactions with a range of fictional characters. Perchance AI, on the other hand, is a free tool offering a wide array of art styles for character creation, including Ghibli, oil painting, and more. It’s known for its community-driven inspiration and ease of use.

Adobe Fuse and Avatarify

Adobe Fuse, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud ($52.99/month), is known for its integration with other Adobe software and user-friendly interface. It’s ideal for those already accustomed to the Adobe ecosystem. Avatarify, starting from $14.99, excels in creating detailed and unique characters, suitable for various creative projects.

YouCam Makeup and Fotor

YouCam Makeup provides over 15 AI Magic Avatar Styles, focusing on virtual makeup looks, hair colors, and accessories. It excels in creating photo-realistic avatars, ideal for artistic expression and storytelling. Fotor, starting from $3.33/month, is an affordable option that combines character creation tools with photo editing capabilities.

VEED.IO and Artguru

VEED.IO is a free platform that combines AI character generation with video editing capabilities. It’s suitable for creating a variety of characters, including gaming avatars and cartoon characters. Artguru, also free, allows for character creation using text and photo prompts, offering a wide range of customizable styles and features.

Deep Dream Generator and INK Image Generator

Deep Dream Generator is popular for its artistic filters and styles, ideal for giving characters a distinct look. INK Image Generator is efficient for generating characters that match text descriptions, perfect for writers and content creators.

Dall-E 2 and StarryAI

Dall-E 2, priced at $15 for 115 credits, is renowned for its highly realistic images and customizable layers. StarryAI, a free tool, offers over 1000 styles and is capable of bulk creation, making it suitable for various applications.

Ready Player Me and Avaturn

In the realm of metaverse avatars, Ready Player Me and Avaturn stand out. Ready Player Me is free and offers thousands of customization options for game characters. Avaturn, with its Pro plan at $800/month, excels in creating realistic, customizable 3D avatars suitable for games or apps.

Each of these platforms caters to different needs, from professional designers to hobbyists. Whether you seek intricate design capabilities, community engagement, or quick and efficient character generation, there’s a tool for everyone in the realm of AI character creation.

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